Spotinst Functions is a new cloud computing service that changes the way users think about developing and maintaining applications. Functions let you run code without provisioning or managing servers while utilizing affordable computing services to lower the cost of invocation.

Getting started with FaaS  
  • Functions run code on a high-availability low-cost compute infrastructure and perform all of the administration of the underlying resources, including server and operating system maintenance, capacity provisioning and automatic scaling, code monitoring, metrics, and logging.
  • In traditional software development, the software engineer had to be aware of the concept of a server. Servers are where their software runs. Servers communicate with each other. Servers have IP addresses which need to be discovered. Servers go down and must be replaced. Servers have a local state that is not visible to other servers.
  • Serverless pattern encourages development focus on well-defined units of business logic, without premature optimization decisions related to how this logic is deployed or scaled. As a result, development focus is on a single function or module rather than a service with a large surface area. Serverless frees the software developer from deployment concerns and allows them to focus on factoring the application following logical encapsulation lines.
  • Usually, serverless providers are using per-invocation pricing model, and each invocation is billed by its time duration. Moreover, the user is obligated to write the requested function using the provided template, and essentially smoothly lock-in to the provider environment.
Our approach

Spotinst Functions enable lower cost and multi-cloud providers. Functions use the company’s strong infrastructure in the Spot instances markets to lower computing cost and enable cross-cloud multi-region invocations.