The Spectrum Agent is a piece of software that runs on your hosts. Its job is to collect metrics from your servers (such as CPU, Memory, Network, and more) and store them in Spectrum so that you can use them for monitoring, alerting and analytics purposes.

Install the agent 

Copy the following to your user-data entry:

bash -c '
sudo mkdir /etc/spotinst;
sudo chmod 777 /etc/spotinst;
echo $AZ_BATCH_POOL_ID > /etc/spotinst/poolId.txt; 
sudo chmod 644 /etc/spotinst/poolId.txt; 
echo $AZ_BATCH_NODE_ID > /etc/spotinst/nodeId.txt; 
sudo chmod 644 /etc/spotinst/nodeId.txt; 
curl -fsSL | sudo bash -s "<ACCOUNT_ID>" "<TOKEN>" '

Agent Status

Use this command to validate that the agent is running properly.

sudo service --status-all | grep spotinst-agent

Expected Results: